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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Beyonce at Wal-Mart? New ads hard act to swallow
The Detroit Free Press - ... Wal-Mart, you might run into singer Beyonce Knowles doing some shopping of her own -- or ... believable because ... you wouldn't picture Beyonce or ... Destiny's Child getting a whole ...

Beyonce uncorks second smell of success
Chicago Sun-Times - BY SUN-TIMES COLUMNIST Beyonce fought off a cold, got out of her sickbed and made 4,000 screaming fans at Marshall Field's State Street very happy Tuesday. The superstar was here to introduce her second fragrance, True Star Gold by Tommy Hilfiger. ... He shouldn't have told you that,'' said Beyonce with a shy chuckle ...

Beyonce Knowles And Destiny's Child Shop At Wal-Mart
Post Chronicle - In an effort to appeal to a broader consumer base, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. last week rolled out TV ads featuring, among other stars, Knowles and other members of the group Destiny's Child surrounded by Wal-Mart products. ... Beyonce Knowles And Destiny's Child Shop At Wal-Mart by Jack Ryan Nov 16, 2005 Next time ... Mart, you might bump into Beyonce Knowles doing some shopping of her ...

Beyonce Fashion Lines Launches - ... Beyonce Fashion Lines Launches11/15/2005 7:00 AM, Yahoo! MusicLAUNCH Radio Networks Beyonce Knowles is launching her new fashion line, House of Dereon, Tuesday (November 15 ...

Beyonce Knowles Goes for Fashion Masterpieces
Fashion Monitor Toronto - Beyonce Knowles says her fashion line, House of Dereon, is quite a masterpiece. Beyonce Knowles says her fashion line, House of Dereon, is inspired by her late grandmother Agnes Deron as well as named after her.

Figuratively speaking
The Detroit Free Press - ... Related stories > The business list Figuratively speaking Beyonce at Wal-Mart ...

Growth businesses
The Detroit Free Press - Farmington Hills-based Akebono Corp The Michigan Motorcycle Dealers Association Barbara Porter and D. ... Related stories > The business list Figuratively speaking Beyonce at Wal-Mart ...

What you should know about Medicare Part D
The Detroit Free Press - BY SUSAN TOMPORFREE PRESS PERSONAL FINANCE COLUMNIST It applies to all Medicare beneficiaries. ... Related stories > The business list Figuratively speaking Beyonce at Wal-Mart ...

Ben Widdicombe's Gatecrasher: Beyonce talk raises expectations
New York Daily News - Beyonce Those Beyonc baby rumors may have just gotten a big boost - from the lady herself. An earwitness says he heard the superstar confirm with her own words that she is expecting Jay-Z's baby.

Report: Jennifer Hudson to Star in 'Dreamgirls' Film
Playbill - ... previously announced, the 'Dreamgirls' film musical will feature Beyonce Knowles as Deena Jones, Anika Noni Rose as ...


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